the dehumidifier issues

Although the majority of central air conditioners are more than capable to dehumidify indoor air to a level that is alright to most people, others like myself that deal with serious asthma and dust irritations, it just doesn’t do the job by itself.  That’s why I started to look into buying a dehumidifier to add inside my kitchen to lower the overall moisture inside my house. It’s not that my air conditioner is totally incapable of splitting out moisture, I just want dryer indoor air even when the A/C isn’t turned on.  I ended up buying this great dehumidifier that is rated to take 72 pints of water out of your air monthly. That’s a substantial chunk to add to what is already removed by the AC! Although it isn’t free to run this with my house’s electricity, it isn’t as much as many would know either.  All in all, it was a great investment, until after a year and half of weekly use, it has started to make a noticable rattling sound during the evening. After the sound grew in volume more plus more, I did some research online ad found out that this famous brand of dehumidifier starts to rattle in the plastic frame of the unit after so much repeat use.  It’s basically inevitable, I guess. However it still performs well, but the noise is getting out of hand, so I’m not looking at buying dehumidifying devices that attach to central air conditioners. Perhaps that will be a better solution for my moisture concern, although I am not convinced that I need to just move to the dry desert at this point in time.  

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