The Deep Freezer Got Me Through The A/C Breakdown

When my air conditioning system died the other month, I did not know what I was going to do.

The temperature was over one hundred degrees outside, and it would be hours before they could get an emergency HVACspecialist out to my home to do the HVAC repair needed.

I had thought about going to a hotel for the day, or even just hanging out at some stores at my local shopping center. But, I figured out another solution that was rough, but it got me through those several hours I had to wait for the emergency heating and cooling repair people to come. I decided to open up the door on my deep freezer. By doing this, all the freezing cold air from that was coming upward from the freezer, into my kitchen. I was lucky to not have any food in there at the moment, otherwise, i could not have even tried this. I pulled up a chair and just sat by the deep freezer in my kitchen and wow, was that some really cold air! I actually at one point got a little chilly, and had to go into the living room where I had no air conditioning, and the thermostat was reading 95 degrees and climbing. Then, when I would start to get overheated again, id head back into the kitchen. I repeated this process of going back and forth between the no air conditioning in the living room, and the deep freezer cold air in the kitchen, until the HVAC specialist finally arrived. It was a very tiring day, but I got through it all in one piece!
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