The dangers of the HVAC lifestyle

I have been an HVAC repair tech for over ten years. Since I have been out in the field for so long working with hundreds of people I had thought that I had seen it all. However a few days ago I had an experience that was without a doubt far from the normal, and not in a good way. I was on a repair call to a customers house and it was just a normal day. I noticed that the customer had written that she wouldn’t be there because she had to work, but the key to the house would be under the rug and to let myself in to install the new heating and cooling unit. I had never worked on or repaired a heating and cooling unit without someone being at the house, but I didn’t think much of it. I arrived to the location, let myself in, and started working on installing the new unit. About five minutes into the task, I hear footsteps coming from the kitchen. As I take a break from the unit to glance behind my shoulder and see what it could be, I notice that it is the owners massive dog. This dog looked more bear than dog, and he didn’t look very happy to see me in this house working on the heating and cooling unit. I had no idea that a dog was on location, and when he started growling and stepping closer is when I slowly started walking out of the house. By sheer luck and grace, the dog didn’t attack me and I was able to get out safely. I left all of my tools and the old unit in the house, but I didn’t care. I was just thankful to have gotten out alive! That was the first time that I ever did an installation without the owner present, and that will definitely be the last.

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