The Crazy Weight Loss Commercial

Commercials on TV seem to keep getting more and more odd as the years go on. Sometimes I am seeing a commercial while watching something, and I do not even know what it is about. The products they are advertising have nothing to do with what’s on the screen half the time. I saw this one commercial for what turned out to be about some weight loss products. And at first, I thought the commercial was about some heating and air conditioning company. It had some HVAC specialist working on gas furnaces and commercial heating and air conditioning unit installations. They were talking about all kinds of HVAC related products also. Then, out of nowhere, it turned out they were selling some weight loss pill! I really thought I was losing my mind or something. How can an HVAC specialist going on about heating and cooling equipment, followed by discussing all kinds of heat and air conditioning products be a commercial for weight loss pills?! None of this makes any sense to me what so ever. That is just as bad as if there was a heating and cooling company commercial, and it looked like it was a weight loss commercial. Is this what the young people of today consider advertising? Call me an old guy, but none of this is even worth buying air time to broadcast these stupid commercials. Not sure how showing an HVAC specialist doing his thing and talking about heating and air conditioning equipment is actually going to sell weight loss pills. The world is really in trouble if this is the mind set.


HVAC technician