The city wine shop

With the holidays coming soon, I always go and buy the most superb wine for my guests that I have… You see, I have a lot of guests, both family and friends coming in from out of town this time of the year.

And there is this one unique wine shop in the town that sells nothing however the best wine available on the market.

And yeah it is absolutely absolutely overpriced too! But this time of year is a once a year thing, so I absolutely go all out on my wine selection. This year when I went to buy my top of the line quality wine I had an interesting conversation with the director who owns the local wine shop. I do not guess how both of us even got on this subject, but he was telling me that the thermostat has to always be set at the perfect temperatures to keep the wine fresh. This is why he also said that he invested thoUSnds of dollars into the best possible commercial heating and unit on the market this week. The heating and helps keep the wine fresh. He was saying that even if the temperature was perfect and the air quality was bad, this could also kill the quality of the wine. He did not want to take any chances, and who on earth entirely would have thought that heating and air conditioner along with air quality would make the difference in keeping an entire store of superb wines fresh and safe! I sure had no clue in the whole wide world!


Heating device