The central air conditioner broke in our office

I have had the most miserable few weeks in the office than I have ever experienced before, and I am confident than anyone who is working with me would agree.

The central air conditioner in our office hasn’t been working for the last few weeks, and the boss hasn’t even called an HVAC technician to get it fixed. It is the middle of the summer, and our office is very warm without the central air conditioner to keep us cool. All of the employees are hoping that the boss will call the HVAC technician soon to have them fix our central air conditioner, but as the weeks drag on, we are beginning to lose hope. Oddly, this is the first time that the boss hasn’t been proactive in keeping the central air conditioner running. He has always believed that people work better when they feel valued and comfortable, and he also understands that the central air conditioner plays a big part in that. However, when we ask him if he is going to fix the central air conditioner this time, he tries to dodge the question and tell us that he is working on it. Some of us are concerned that the company is not doing well financially, and that might be the reason why the central air conditioner isn’t fixed. It might be that the company can’t afford to get the central air conditioner fixed. I know that we all want to be patient, and none of us want to quit our jobs over a stupid air conditioner, but it is making our job very miserable.


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