The building is feeling great

My partner, Ralph and I are severely environmentally conscientious.  Every one of us do our best to minimize our carbon footprint and protect our planet.  Every one of us both ride our bicycles whenever possible, and rely on public moveation when necessary.  Ralph and I recycle, compost and grow our own fruits and vegetables. When the two of us built our home, the two of us spent extra money to optimize efficiency.  Although the two of us live in an space which requires both heating and cooling for the majority of the year, our system actually produces more energy than it draws.  Every one of us invested in a geothermal heat pump, despite the severely high cost of replacement. The project was lavish because of the excavation requirements. A loop system was installed below grown to take advantage of the stable, year round temperature of the earth.  The systems draws from this free energy source to transfer heat to and from the house. It does not burn any type of fossil fuel to generate heat. Because of this, the geothermal heat pump generates four units of energy for every 1 it uses. Every one of us can actually maintain a comfortable year round temperature for around a dollar per afternoon.  There are no green beach house gases, carbon monoxide, fumes, or boiling surfaces. It is clean, quiet, reliable, and low in service. During the summer, the heat pump effectively combats humidity, and in the winter, it doesn’t overly dry the air. Throughout the year, the heat pump filters the indoor air, trapping airborne contaminants. To further trim costs and energy consumption, Ralph and I have recently added solar panels to generate power.  

indoor air quality