The boss forgot to restock chemicals last week

My brother asked me to quit my job at the bank.

He was starting a janitorial services company, and he already had a large number of clients.

He was working hard, and he was ready to take the next step. He wanted me to manage the day to operations and handle the payroll. I was hesitant, but my husband was making a good living and we could afford to take a chance. I started working for my brother a year ago, and things were really great in the beginning. We spent two months securing a janitorial services contract with my former employer, the multinational bank. They have 13 branches in our area, and we got the contract to provide janitorial services to each building. After that, we picked up three apartment buildings and a large office complex with 60 different offices. When we hired a few additional workers, my brother started to slack off each day. He stopped trying to complete new sales, and he started spending time with the staff all day. He was gone for two or three hours, and we were losing customers right and left. He wasn’t paying attention to the business. I finally stepped up and said something last month. We ran out of supply chemicals on Tuesday, three days before the new shipment. When I talked to my brother about the supplies, he told me the order was canceled because the credit card was denied. My brother has been using the business credit card for lap dances and beer. I’m so mad and very disappointed. Now we’re in a big pickle, and I don’t know what to do next.

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