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I’m not a weak human by any measure. I have a strong brain and body, and I exercise both on a frequent basis. That being said, there are particular things I just can’t endure. First of all, I have severe panic attacks when confronted with current social situations thanks to my severe social anxiety. Secondly, I’m not split out for patience tests, such as waiting in line or resting in traffic, and I will do just about anything to avoid such scenarios. Lastly, I’m not relaxing when it comes to camping, apparently. I never thought that camping would be an issue for me, because I honestly savor being in the outdoors. I guess what I never considered was the difference between moving outdoors and being stagnant outdoors, which are two particularly weird situations. When you aren’t moving around, you particularly beginning to notice things love exhausting air quality and frightening airborne disturbances that are not difficult to overlook when you’re on the move. As soon as I settled in for my camping experience, I was well aware of the boiling and stagnant outdoor air quality that day. I heard every bug howling from the trees, which normally would be droned out by the continual buzzing of my trusty central cooling. I also couldn’t’ help however uselessly swat at tons of pesky airborne insects, endlessly swarming around my head. I tried my darndest to calm down and sleep that night, however the boiling and sticky air coupled with all the flying intruders made sure that I didn’t sleep a wink. Next time, maybe I’ll consider going if there is an air conditioned camper.

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