The battery is full of energy

The other day, I had a bunch of friends over for a film night. The lot of us all were just enjoying drinks and pretzels plus a fantastic film! Roughly halfway through the film though, that’s when I noticed the air quality was a little bit off… It was really starting to become somewhat humid plus the air was warming up. I then realized that the cooling system hadn’t clicked on in quite some time. I was so tied up enjoying the film that I had not realized. I decided to check the thermostat before anyone was able to voice a complaint about the awful air quality. But when I seen that the thermostat was easily blank, I was a little bit alarmed… Then I realized that the battery must have died! So I ran to get some batteries plus put the new batteries inside right away! In no time, the thermostat was really working fantastic plus I cranked on the cooling system system. My spouse asked what was up so I told him what happened with the thermostat… Later he was saying how he didn’t even notice the difference in the air quality, he wouldn’t have even known the climate control system shut off if I didn’t tell him what happened. He was really surprised that I was able to sense the change in air quality. I was somewhat surprised I picked up on it myself as I was so caught up in the film. I really had to miss a part of it when I went to mess with the thermostat. I’m glad I was able to have it fixed before anyone was affected by the poor air quality though.