The basement office is musty and damp

Three months ago, my colleagues and I started working from home.

I thought it would be a temporary move that would probably last a few weeks.

It seems clear now that we will be working from home for a very long time. My husband is working from home as well and we didn’t have a dedicated space for our office. We decided to turn the basement into an office space for both of us. We spent an entire weekend cleaning and painting. By the time we were done, the area resembled a nice office space with room for our desks, computers, and office equipment. My husband and I worked in the area for several weeks before we started to notice a problem with the indoor air. Because their office space is underground, the area can become damp and humid. We were having some trouble with our office equipment and I started to worry that the issue was due to the damp air. My husband suggested that we buy a dehumidifier to put downstairs. I thought the dehumidifier would be expensive and I protested at first. When my husband showed me all of the dehumidifiers available online, I was pleasantly surprised. We found the perfect dehumidifier for our office and we didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg. The dehumidifier works great and I don’t worry about the indoor air quality any longer. The indoor air is clean and crisp and the smell of old, musty basement has completely left the area. If the coffee was old and bitter and tasted terrible, I’d swear I was back at the office.

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