The air quality is different story

Sporadically I get way too into my penchant for cleaning. If I suppose I can get a stain out of a countertop, I am an absurd person with scrubbing it until it disappears. I vacuum & wash our floor by hand twice a day to get it to shine. My garage is so spotless you could eat off the floor. This trait usually is a good quality for me, but the other day it unquestionably came back to bite me right in the butt. I decided that the next item in the cabin that needed cleaning by my hands was our A/C system. The cooling system can get unquestionably dirty and disgusting in many unusual sites. There is the condensate drain, of course, that always gets jammed up with algae… Your cooling coil can have huge growth of mildew, mold & fungi growing on it. The air filter every month gets all restrained up with tons of dust & hair. The part I unquestionably went to work on was the fan blades though. My cooling system fan was actually really disgusting. The blades had a black tint to it due to the dust. So I got out my toolbox and took out our best cleaning products, grabbed onto the blade with one hand, & scrubbed as taxing as I could. I got the fan to be totally spotless and shiny. I then took a step back to admire our handiwork & realized with a panic that I messed up our A/C system. The fan blades were all bent at odd angles, sticking out everywhere. I bent them with our cleaning! I researched online about this & I realize that now we have to get a new fan. The blades are unquestionably fragile, & apparently if you run the A/C with a terrible fan, then the entire cooling method unquestionably gets wrecked.

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