The air handler and the thermostat

My buddies from college all met up for a long weekend. People drank, reminisced and hung out on the beach for a few days. Since there were so many folks we rented a condo to house us all. The condo has been super great. It was large with all modern appliances. The HVAC unit became neat too. There were thermostats in each one of the bedrooms of the large property. My buddy Shane said which meant the condo had HVAC sector control. We could each change the heating and cooling settings in this own room. Then these temperature control settings might not affect the other rooms. Each thermostat was linked to an indoor air handler that ran without treatment. We were all amazed by Shane’s knowledge and with the zoned heating and cooling. So for the long weekend everyone adjusted our thermostats at night. I kept noticing that no matter what I switched my thermostat as well, it would then go to the new temperature. Sometimes it was a low temperature where the AC came on and then sometimes it was super superior where I was sweating to death. It seemed like your thermostat controlled itself. I then talked to anyone after our weekend was up about it. We then realized that the condo didn’t have HVAC zone control, just a thermostat in each room. So we were all adjusting the climate control and affecting one another. That is why the thermostat settings kept changing. We all had fun picking on Shane about not knowing the difference between an air handler as well as a thermostat.