The air ducts are in fact clean

When my son got a summer birthday invite, I dreaded going. For the past few years we have gone to the park and sweated in the heat while the kids played. This one time, I even decided to wait in the car for a bit with the air conditioning blasting away. It was a bit of relief. I was busy thinking up excuses to not take my kid this year when I noticed that the party was being held in a “fun center”. It would seem it is an indoor play area with bouncy houses, ball pits, and some other cool stuff for kids. Thankfully, it is air conditioned. I found myself actually looking forward to the party. And when the day arrived I think I had as pleasant a time as my son did. While the kids played and jumped and ate pizza, us parents sat around and talked over our pizza as well. It was refreshing and comfortable and the air conditioning system worked really well. My son was tired by the time we headed for home. I talked to some of the other parents later on and we thought it was a great idea to make this fun center a regular thing. We would set up dates and times and all meet up and let our kids go crazy while we, ourselves, were comfortably air conditioned. The kids love it too; there is so much for them to do. The annual pass was a great price for such a nice place. I don’t think I’ll ever opt for a hot, bug-filled park again. From now on, it is air conditioned play areas. My son really seems to like it too.

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