The air conditions in the basement

I was very lucky to land in a dream job within a few months of graduating my university.  As I watched some of our friends flounder along as well as experience downside after downside, I seemingly slipped through the cracks as far as oppressive, life-threatening adversity is distraught.  At first I set our expectations very low as well as sought after nothing beyond financial independence, as well as, a respectable health insurance coverage. Watching people you really like suffer in pain because their financial situation leaves them without health insurance is spine-chilling.  My health is average at worst, but I never wanted to find myself stuck in a hole, if I could truly avoid it. Once the necessities were covered as well as I felt confident that our savings were acceptably padded, I widened our goals a little, as well as I decided to start saving for a downpayment on a modest house.  It took many years of putting away small amounts of extra money every 2 weeks, but I finally mustered up enough funds to get a good mortgage. Even luckier, I managed to find a new home that fit our needs perfectly. It was sizable enough where our partner as well as I could use an extra room for a new home office if we so desired, but it wasn’t so sizable that I was worrying about yearly upkeep getting out of control. However, once we had the keys in hand, I noticed that the basement was in better shape than I had originally thought as well as brainstormed with our partner over how we could make the most out of the additional space.  Both of us decided to start by getting it temperature controlled. Adding a small plugin space furnace for the Winter time months was straight-forward enough, but air conditioning proved to be a little harder since the only 2 ground level windows in our basement were too small for window AC units. Instead, we installed a true ductless mini split heating and cooling system that is a little greater than a sizable window machine as well as is mounted on a wall. Once you run the cables as well as tubing through a hole in the wall to the condenser machine outside, you right away hav a zone controlled heating furnace as well as air conditioner at your fingertips.  It was totally more than capable to handle our needs as we renovated the space.