The Air Conditioning Was Busted at The New Restaurant

Every week, my ladys and I celebration for a ladies evening out. The people I was with and I like to put our heels on, leave the kids at beach new home with their dads, and eat a nice meal at a extravagant eating establishment in town with each other. I can’t speak for most people else, although I look forward to this 1 evening from the moment I return beach new home until the moment all of us celebration again. This week, all of us all wanted to try the new italian eating establishment in town, because most people was raving about it. They had good reviews, and the photos of the food looked mouth watering. I got dressed like every other ladies evening out, and headed to the eating establishment, and when I stepped into the lobby, there were a ton of people waiting to be seated. Thankfully, all of us had a reservation and all of us were seated instantly! Before our waitress even brought our drinks out, I commented on how cold it was inside. I assumed it was just me, however many of the other ladies agreed that it was too cold. I thought my body would adjust as the evening went on, however it didn’t. If anything, I felt colder. I asked our waitress if there was anything she could do about the cooling system, and she agreed to try. While she turned the overhead fans off, there was nothing else she could do about the temperature control settings because the AC was broken; Nobody could figure out how to get the temperature above 70 degrees, and the Heating and A/C worker couldn’t be reached until the following day! A ton of other people were complaining about the cool temperature too, so the supervisor offered us all a 10% discount and $10 off our next meal.

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