The air conditioner isn’t as good as the dehumidifier

My wife plus I moved South last year, plus so far it’s been difficult to get accustomed to the weather. My wife plus I always previously lived in an area of the country where there are multiple and distinct seasons. Winter time is always freezing with ice plus snow. The Fall is still rather cold with falling leaves plus slightly warmer temperatures. The Spring season is rainy plus humid, plus Summer is filled mostly with mornings of sunlight plus warm air. The weather conditions in this area is much different. Instead of having distinct and unusual seasons, we have a legitimately long warm season followed by a short cooler period. Both of us will never see snow or ice again, unless we decided to visit family or old friends. Our greatest yearly concern was always worrying about the furnace. Now our single greatest concern is the suddenly decreasing temperatures of the summer. It’s currently the end of July right now, plus it’s 86° before 9 in the day. I can’t rest the intense heat. The air conditioner in the home works legitimately well, however the dehumidifier is our number one appliance. Our dehumidifier works better than the air conditioner, because it extracts all humidity plus moisture from the air. Instead of just cooling the air, the dehumidifier truly gets rid of the main reason why the air is warm. Between the air conditioner plus dehumidifier, the interior temperatures in our new home are so much better. It’s truly the only reason why I can manage to bear these intensely warm temperatures. I always get angry leaving the house, plus I would rather transport back home. Sad to say, our wife plus I are stuck in this absurdly warm plus humid region.