The air conditioner is working again

It is so much more tepid this year! I have lived here in the same part our entire life, plus I cannot remember one single Summer that has been as tepid as this Summer is.

My wife also grew up in this area, plus she agrees with me that she has also never experienced such a warm summer before.

Both of us work outside for most of the day, so the two of us care about to come home to a nice cool house. Unfortunately for us, that has not been happening much lately because our air conditioner has been having some issues. We called a local Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier about a month ago plus told them about our AC situation. We asked how much it would cost for them to assess the problem. We got a quote, but it was pretty high. We decided to wait it out plus see if our wife could figure out the problem by himself. She was able to figure out the problem, even though she said that she was not comfortable fixing it himself. She thought that she might possibly make it worse. She found a small coolant leak, plus she said that she could try to repair it, even though she would enjoy to have a local Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist do it. After a month of waiting, the two of us finally had a local Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist come out plus repair our air conditioner. It was really quite expensive, however the two of us are blissful to finally have an air conditioner once more. It is so nice to come home to a cool lake house after a long day of working outdoors. My wife plus I have noticed that the two of us argue less now that the two of us are not as tepid plus miserable in our lake house all of the time. I am so thankful to have good air conditioning.

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