The air conditioner is awesome

My grandma plus I don’t fight genuinely often, however when the two of us do, it gets pretty rough pretty fas… Last time, we got into a fight because she didn’t want to evacuate for a hurricane, then normally, I would agree with her–evacuating can be truly dangerous. Plus you can get stuck on a road plus die more often than you would at home. But, she had a category five storm barreling down at his little house. Besides, they had issued a mandatory evacuation for his area. Still, she didn’t want to go, because she didn’t want to go to a shelter. She said the shelters would make her kennel the cats in a room away from her, plus she didn’t want to leave them alone. However fortunately, our fight was finally ended over the phone as I heard a knock on her door in the background. A police officer was there to help her evacuate, plus insure that she got out safely. He said he would be back in an hour; if she wasn’t gone, he could escort her there. Finally, our grandma crated the cats plus took them to the shelter. She got genuinely lucky–the shelter worked on a generator throughout with a great quality HVAC. So even though the shelter was at capacity not long after she arrived, the central AC kept her comfortable. They even let grams visit the cats a few times throughout the night, mostly for her own peace of mind. Then when she got home, her condo was intact, though she had to clean off her condenser. The neighbor’s trampoline was on top of it.

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