The air conditioner in our vehicle started blowing ice chunks

I was so happy when I bought our most recent vehicle, then the coolest part about this automobile was that it had a working air conditioner! Can you imagine that? I had never owned a vehicle before that had a working air conditioner, however having no air conditioner in your vehicle made you completely irritated, even though I was kind of used to the feeling.

However, two major things happened at once, meaning that I had to get a new car, then first, our spouse got pregnant, which was a big blessing! But after that I wrecked our car.

This meant that our spouse and I were in the market for a new car! My pregnant spouse, who didn’t want to go through the summer time heat, made myself and others promise that every one of us would purchase a vehicle with a working air conditioner… Both of us looked around for a while, and finally, every one of us bought a cherry-red vehicle with a working air conditioner! This air conditioner will literally freeze you out of the vehicle because of how chilly it is. Both of us have had no complaints about the air conditioner. However, during our most recent road trip, the air conditioner started doing something that I had never seen before. For a few minutes, the air conditioner wasn’t blowing as chilly of air as it usually is. Then, all of a sudden, the air conditioner kicks into high gear and starts blowing really polar air. That is when every one of us observed that stuff was literally flying out of the vents. Upon further inspection, every one of us realized that our air conditioner was entirely blowing large chunks of ice!
Air conditioner tune-up