The air coming out of my air conditioner vents feels weaker than normal

Some days I struggle with the house I’m currently renting.

It wasn’t my first choice, or even something I would have considered as a compromise if I could locate a rental property to meet my expectations and stay within my budget range.

When the lease of my last house was due to expire, I was forced to make a decision faster than I initially hoped. This house with all of its disadvantages was the only one available when I had to make a quick decision. The plumbing doesn’t drain as fast as it should, which creates problems while taking showers for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Several of the windows are damaged and leak cold indoor air, plus the central heating and cooling system barely works. I turn it to 78 degrees some afternoons and can’t get it to drop down below 80. Then when I walk to an air register to feel the air current, the air feels so weak that I have to make sure the thermostat is running to confirm the air conditioner is still on. The air leaving the registers feels warmer than what I would expect as well. No matter what I say to my landlord, he won’t do anything about the HVAC problems in my house. He claims that nothing can be done to fix the poor air conditioner current in the home’s ductwork, but I was told otherwise by a family friend. In some cases, installing a dampener or two inside the ductwork near the air handler can help push some of the air further down the ventilation system. In doing so, they block too much of the air from leaving the vents within a few feet of the air conditioner, giving better circulation through the whole house. But, sometimes, the problem cannot be fixed without installing a new and updated air conditioner, and in the worst cases, new ductwork as well.