The acquaintance owes me an air conditioner.

The other day, I came apartment from shopping only to find that our air conditioner had fallen out of the window. The air conditioner was broken plus so was the window it had fallen out of. I called our child to see if he could service the window for me plus then I Mayed over to our neighbor’s house. I asked them if their animal had been loose? The hubby rolled his eyup plus told me that all the people wanted to blame his animal for anything that happened in the neighborhood. I wasn’t ready for his pity the animal spiel plus I asked our question again. He told me that the animal had been loose, however he caught him before he ate our stupid cat. The animal hissed at that, although she was on our side of the fence. I told him it was because of his animal our air conditioner had dropped out of the window plus broken our window plus the air conditioner. He told me to prove it plus I was ready. I had put a camera outside of our apartment about a week earlier. I wanted to watch for the pet that was destroying our trash. Not only did I see that it was a small bear that was playing havoc with our trash plus half of the other neighbor’s trash, however it was his animal that had knocked our AC component from the window. All he had to say was that at least he knew what was destroying his trash. He told me to buy the AC component plus send him the bill. I told him I would like for him to go with me plus then he could pay the bill when the people I was with and I got there.

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