The A/C system with a mind of its own

It’s always a harder task to take up than you’d think when you’re trying to get your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems all working with each other in unison. Of course, you can’t run both the heating and air conditioning units at once unless you have portable space heaters running while the central A/C is on, but the ventilation system is a critical part of the puzzle that few people consider! Not only is the ventilation system critical to ensure airflow is adequate throughout your home, but it also can lead to the A/C system developing problems that you’ll think are due to the A/C unit alone. That’s what happened to me, when I was briefly convinced that the A/C system had a mind of its own! I thought this because the air conditioning system would be set to turn on whenever the temperature hits a particular threshold—for my home, that threshold was 76 degrees. However, when the A/C unit cycled on, it would cycle right back off after running for only a few minutes. Then it would turn on, and then the A/C unit would shut off again. On, and off, over and over for hours at a time, until I would just set the thermostat to “off” and give up! I thought that the A/C system was running into some kind of issue where it was getting too cold, and possibly freezing up before it could cool my house. The truth was, the ventilation system was full of so much debris that the A/C system couldn’t adequately circulate cool air through the house! All of the cold air would just get stuck near the compressor and condenser itself, which is what led to the A/C unit shutting off quickly. I was glad to solve the mystery, and to realize the importance of keeping the ductwork clean!

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