The a/c system leaked

Ron and I had just moved to a new apartment across the country. It is an entirely new area for the two of us. Ron and I didn’t know a whole lot about central air units because where both of us are from the houses don’t not have them. Ron and I then experienced a problem with the a/c for the first time. We were watching TV one night and all of a sudden our floors were soaked. We thought it might be the washing machine. But, the machine itself wasn’t the least bit wet! So, we called our landlord for our complex and he came over immediately. Now, it turns out our a/c unit was set up right above our washing machine in the attic. The ac unit was also quite dirty and had a clogged air filter. Because of all of this, the drip pan overflowed! What kind of thing is that? The repair guy had to set up a new pan, clean air filter and wash the inside of the a/c unit. He then said that it should never overflow again. Ron and I were glad that we were home when it overflowed. We can’t imagine the issues we could have come home to. It would have ruined our walls, flooring and the whole ac unit.  Ron and I didn’t even know that air filters, and drain pans are a potential issue since both of us weren’t used to having those where both of us are from. Thank goodness our landlord. He knew where the a/c unit was located and knew immediately what to do.

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