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Residing in the south is a big surprise to me – especially compared to five years ago. Having been born plus raised in the snooty north, I didn’t think much of the southern end of the country other than it being less than worthy of my time and energy. I thought that the hot and horrendously humid temperatures would be more than I could bear, and the people and stories about people scared me more than anything else! Now that I’ve lived in the south for about a year and a half now, I can admit that I have changed my mind completely and seen the error of my ways. These afternoons, I love this current place of residence! What I really love the most is the tropical weather we get all year long, and that means we never get freezing temperatures in the Wintertime. Even on New Years Eve! However, the one part of living in the south that I don’t care much for is the proper dryness that comes with dropping outdoor air temperatures! I was accustomed to having a few months of nice hair, since the freezing and dry air would allow my hair to flow freely and stay neat and straight all day long. Nowadays, even in the Wintertime, the air is just as humid as it is in the summertime. My hair just never seems to get a break! It’s weighed down, completely drenched with moisture and stuck to the sides of my head every day by the time I arrive at work – and that’s not in a good way, mind you. I do love living without the snow, but I do wish my hair style could just cooperate!

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