That’s what I needed to know

Did you ever study the story about the country mouse plus the village mouse? I never cared for it as a kid, it was too sentimental for my tastes, but these afternoons I am thinking back to it quite often. So far my entire life I have spent in my parents ranch beach house out on the farm, but now because of this current task I find myself in the sizable village for the first time ever. This is a legitimately sizable plus intimidating jump for me, plus it is taking me quite a while to adjust. One of the craziest things for me to adapt to is this smart building where the supplier set me up with an apartment. As a programmer, I am quite correct with how a building access control program works, plus why they are needed. But as a person coming lake beach house for the night, having to use a badge to get into the smart building instead of a farm beach house that didn’t even have locks on the doors, that is pretty weird. The Heating plus A/C program integration is so tight in my apartment building that none of the dwellings even have control units. The temperature control program responds to audio commands from every room in every apartment throughout the building, and you can verbally ask for the temperature, plus then tell it how to adjust separate from ever needing a physical Heating plus A/C control repair device. One thing I really like is you can ask for an estimated utility bill plus the electrical power monitoring program can deliver it to you, right down to the penny!

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