That’s the truth

When our parents passed on, they left me with a small sum of currency. I wasn’t going to be the real world’s Bruce Wayne, although I did get enough to afford a down payment on a house. That was numerous years ago this week, and if I compared a picture of the condo now compared to then, you’d never believe they were the same building! I went with a cheap condo that needed tender, constant care to restore it to its former glory. The labor was cut out for me, too, since most of the labor to be done involved the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. The duct labor in the attic was torn apart from years of neglect and pest interference, the outdoor compressor and condenser were cracked and useless, and the control component itself appeared to be smashed into the wall with a hammer, but either vandals visited the condo before I moved in, or someone was actually fed up with their a/c’s performance! Either way, I spent the first year in that condo working tirelessly at night and over the weekend, slowly replacing the duct labor and having repair visits from the heating and A/C corporations in town. I was thankful that the corporations allowed me to pay via installments for the repairs – you wouldn’t believe how luxurious an air compressor is! I remember ending that year by installing a new smart control unit, which I could program to run only when I was home. I was so proud of our efforts, and the result actually kept me motivated to continue the renovations to the house. During that first year, I had to repair numerous holes in the walls, and lay brand new shingles on the entire roof. All things considered, it’s pretty incredible that I had accomplished so much on our own!

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