That’s quite the fixture

Retiring in the South, back home, has been my dream.  While I have enjoyed experiencing other locations and their associated cultures, it now time to return  home. There are many things that I have missed about residing in the South. The culture is familiar to me.  The weather is always pleasant. Going elsewhere seems a moot point. During the construction of the beach house, I had to choose a type of heating and cooling set-up for the place.  Initially, I thought about adding a heat pump. While younger, my family had a heat pump so I had become familiar with them and knew how they worked. However, I was somewhat astonished by the many options a heat pump now contained.  Never had I heard of variable speed motors. These heat pumps can now be equipped with an ECM. The ECM is an electrically commutated motor. Basically, what this does is that the motor can change its rpm based on the system’s needs. The ECM both starts and stops slowly the assist in full evacuation of the conditioned air from within the air ducts.  The neat thing is the ECM uses just a fraction of the energy that the older model single-speed motor had. I also discovered that my heat pump can function as a pool heater. I couldn’t believe my luck. I chose a heat pump that employs something called a desuperheater. This odd sounding component is simply a miracle. The desuperheater puts the wasted heat from the heat pump to good use by heating pool water.  With that, I am now saving over twenty percent of the pool’s heating costs versus a traditional method. I could not be more pleased with my choice in heating and air conditioning. I’ll continue to choose my heat pump for every job now that I’ve returned home once again.

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