That’s fine with me

A current grocery store has opened up in our little city, however everyone is always pretty happy when the two of us get anything current because our town is generally focused on school students, so the two of us don’t have a lot of retail establishments that other cities get, for example, our friend enjoys to shop at Pottery Barn, but the two of us do not have 1, and the two of us never will. The Pottery Barn representative told us when the two of us commanded they open 1 up here. The same thing is true of grocery stores. The two of us don’t have that multiple options, so when this current 1 arrived from the west, the two of us were all thrilled. The store is nice and everything, but there is a large problem. The supervisor is from the west and can’t figure out how to use correct heating and cooling for our temperature. Here in the southern space of the country, the two of us need a/c to combat the heat and humidity. Our AC come with dehumidifiers. In the supervisor’s neck of the woods, the temperature is dry and much colder in the winter. The poor guy just can’t seem to figure out how to set the thermostat so that the Heating and A/C system makes the location comfortable for us southerners. I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, but the location is always either being blasted with oil furnace air or cold air from the a/c to compensate for the heating that went overboard. Perhaps he has not figured out that the dehumidifier is space of the Heating and A/C system. I understand that in the west where he is from, they have humidifiers instead. I hope the guy calls in for some help from someone because I want to shop in the store, but I can’t stand the ridiculous Heating and A/C settings. I can’t spend money anywhere that is uncomfortable to walk through.

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