That’s far more confusing

I appreciate the weekends as much as anyone, however, I’m also into lawn care; I don’t absolutely trust anyone else to do as great a task at landscaping as I do, so I do most of it myself. I would rather  get out to mow the lawn as early as possible on Sunday mornings, though I really like sleeping in, however, in the summertime months, that heat is already out there by then plus it can be stifling; Taking care of my lawn plus bushes can take quite a few hours, so you can expect that by the time I’m completely done, I am in dire need of cooling off inside the condo with my excellent AC. I simply don’t know what I would do without it. As much of a lawn maintenance guy as I am, I don’t have a clue about how to maintain an HVAC system, so I leave that to the professionals. Although it honestly does not cost too much, I spend whatever is necessary to make sure that my AC system is entirely ready for the summer. I get all the cleaning plus maintenance done in the middle of Springtime, as a preventative measure, then despite doing it that early, occasionally it’s already pretty tepid by then. Trust me when I say it’s consoling to be able to come in from doing a difficult job out in the yard to a perfectly air-conditioned home plus a cold bottle of beer. A great AC system is one of the single best conveniences you can have in this part of the country!

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