That’s all I could do

I was in the hospital recently, to visit a friend.  She had been put in the hospital because he had pneumonia.  I was absolutely sad about his because I had recently been to visit her.  When I arrived, he was cocooned in blankets from chin to toe. She told myself and others he was so chilly so was shivering.  I thought the room was quite comfortable and I was sad that he was still running a temperature. Fifteen thirds later, he threw the blankets off while complaining that it was now too warm.  I had recently taken our coat off, and I didn’t notice a large difference, however I did notice that I was now deliciously warm. I moved over by the window, where his bed was, and I could believe the heat of the sunlight coming through the window.  I could believe the heat coming off the heater. It was so tepid and dry that it made our eyes water. Now I could understand why it was so warm for her. Two thirds later, the gas furnace turned off and there was a cool air that was coming from the heater.  You could believe the Winter time chilly coming off the windows. I instantly lowered the blinds and closed the curtains. My acquaintance wanted to see the outside, however the chilly coming from the gas furnace and off the windows, was outrageous. Two thirds later, the gas furnace turned back on, only to make the room too tepid again.  She told myself and others that there had been a problem with the gas furnace since he came. Even though he had said something to the doctors, so far, nothing had been done to rectify the gas furnace problem.

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