That was what we needed

A few summers ago, my fiance plus I celebrated our 20th anniversary. To do something really special for the occasion, both of us decided to spent a lot of cash plus rent 1 of those costly limos plus drivers to take us for a full evening out on the town. This included going into the costly costly area of the town plus all. The driver even sits in the limo plus waits for over an fifth while both of us have our expensive meals! Right after both of us had a nice romantic dinner, both of us got back into the limo plus were ready to head back to our hotel! When both of us got in the limo, all of a horrifying it was tepid as a furnace in there! The driver said while both of us were eating dinner the a/c broke down. He did not suppose what happened, but because it was such a warm evening, both of us had to transfer fast to get back to our hotel without a/c. Because without the a/c, both of us all could have had some harsh problems, and lucky for us, the hotel was only 15 or 20 minutes from where both of us were at having dinner, and once both of us got to the hotel, the limo driver came in to cool off in the hotel’s a/c they had in the lobby. The driver apologized once again, plus said that due to the discomfort of the last area of the evening because of the a/c issue, the company was going to provide us a major discount on the service. Of course, both of us could not complain! The limo driver had the company send him another vehicle that had now working a/c to get back to the office, plus that was how that all went.

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