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Do you have a regular maintenance plan with your local HVAC company? if you simply change out the air filters when you’re supposed to, it’s not really enough. What you are essentially doing if you don’t have regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance done on your system every year is waiting for something to go wrong and the climate control system to stop working. Unfortunately, by then, the size of the problem is more than likely going to be major. That’s why it’s so important to have regular maintenance and cleaning done on your HVAC system so that it continues to run smoothly throughout the year, whether in the bitter cold winter or the harshly warm summer. You wouldn’t want your HVAC system to stop working in either of those extreme seasons, but I’m here to tell you if you don’t have an annual maintenance plan, it’s a dangerous gamble. With an annual HVAC maintenance plan, air ducts are cleaned out, parts are tweaked and or replaced as needed, and all manner of preventative maintenance is done on your HVAC system to ensure that you can rely on it year-long. You can even enroll in a plan that gives great discounts for emergency visits when something unexpected goes wrong with the HVAC system and you need immediate help. If you value your climate control at all it is simply so much more wise to have an annual HVAC maintenance plants set up with a reputable central heating and air company. On the hot afternoons of summer and the cold nights of winter, you’ll be glad that you took the necessary precautions to keep that air conditioner and furnace running, respectively.

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