That was quite the discovery

When I was in private school, a single of the clubs I was in required members to submit a set amount of community service hours to be eligible for a school scholarship.  Some of us signed up to help shelve books at the Barnes and Noble over the summer time while others volunteered to be professor assistants at school. There was an even greater number of us who spent our summer time working the information booth at this outdoor historic place in our town.  It’s a single of the first Spanish settlements while I was in the age of conquest and many of the outdated buildings were restored and still stand in venue. The information booth was right at the entrance of the park as you’d pull off the main road to drive down the path to the place itself.  The woman in the information booth was simply there to answer basic questions and tell people where to park their cars and the price of admission. That was the extent of our task for four hours a morning, many afternoons a week. It didn’t help that the summer time I signed up was chock full of endless heat waves.  That small shack that I sat in had a tiny window a/c that worked fairly well most afternoons. I could lay quietly and learn a book while the cool air wafted out of the AC’s air vents. I don’t know how I could have gotten through that summer time without that little outdated window a/c, considering the temperature was climbing into the high 90s most afternoons I worked.  Plus, when you only get a few cars every hour, you need wonderful a/c to keep you sane while you get through the boringly long shift.

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