That was pretty tough

I have a job as a waitress in a little restaurant. The restaurant has inside as well as outside seating when the Summer is over. I hate when the people I was with and I open the outdoor seating. This means that some waitresses are handling indoor tables as well as others get stuck outdoors. You would believe that the people I was with and I would all want to be the 1s outside. You get to be out in the hot air, warm sun as well as see the sights. I hate being the outdoor seating waitress because of not having any AC. I literally sweat my body off when I task those tables. The indoor seating portion has access to central cooling system. Also the owners don’t care if you switch up their thermostat. You can have great cooling as well as take requests from the customer’s if they want a bit more AC or less AC; Every person gets temperature control, ecstatic as well as not hot. Outside is way too warm, the sun is on you as well as you suppose miserable. Also working around as well as carrying heavy dishes separate from access to cooling system blows. So each Summer I dread the time the outdoor seating section is opened up. I hope every time before my job that I get to be the 1 inside. I think that the owners should have us do a portion as well as a portion. A portion in the A/C as well as a portion in the heat. Or they could really fit a fan or even ductless cooling out there. It would totally be a good idea. I suppose all the people would love it too.

heating and AC