That was not an issue

I decided that when I went away to college I wanted to live on my own and not continue living at my parents place like all of my friend decided to do. Not that I judge them for living at home, but I was really craving independence and I could not spend another minute living with all my brothers and sisters. Since I was living on my own this meant that I didn’t have any extra money. I had a part time job, but my school classes were starting to get really hard and I knew that I would have to eventually cut back my hours even more. I was really strapped for money and I was starting to have issues with my air conditioner. My landlord was a real pain to deal with and I couldn’t ever get him on the phone. I tried to call him ten times in a week period and never go a response. It was the middle of the summer and my air conditioner stopped working completely. I didn’t know anything about HVAC repair and I didn’t have the money to call a HVAC company to come over and repair my air conditioner. I continued to call my landlord and I still didn’t have any luck. I pull together what little money I had and bought a small fan for my bedroom. I am hoping to get in touch with my landlord soon because I need my air conditioner to work properly since it is the middle of the summer and the weather is only going to get hotter.

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