That was expensive

One of the most uncomfortable jobs I could be asked of ascending the roof of our home to sweep the chimney.  I’ve always had a fear of heights, but I never knew just how severe it was until I was older and owned my own home. I still remember cleaning the water spouts, being only a few feet above the ground. Even at that height I froze and was white-knuckled due to the intense fear taking over me. My fiance did what she does best and made bad fun of me! Actually her jokes helped me relax, so I ought to thank her for that. Still, it was being on the roof with nothing to hold on to that would prevent a painful fall that was so frightening. I knew it was imperative to properly scrub the walls of the chimney before the cold weather began! The risk of using the fireplace in without a thorough cleaning would be dangerous. It’s the main reason that fires with fireplaces start in homes. As I was on the roof jamming this enormous chimney brush down the chimney, I thought about how many times I’ve said that I was going to invest in a gas furnace! Last year, I went through all the steps to make it happen: I did research on every heating system available, ranked each based on efficiency, air quality and cost. I even got quotes from two of the HVAC companies in the city. All I had to do was make a decision about which HVAC company to go with. If I had, I would have a furnace installed in my house right now! At the time, however, the idea of having an energy efficient source of heat for my house seemed beyond my reach. Sadly, I decided to hang up the furnace idea, as I felt it would be too overpriced and unnecessary. It’s a shame I blew it off last year, as I might not have to be up on this roof cleaning the chimney if I had the furnace installed!

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