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I will admit that I take climate control a little more seriously than most people. Whether I’m shopping or going to the movies or a restaurant or what have you, when I measure the quality of the venue, the effectiveness of the HVAC system and what setting the thermostat is on is a big part of whether or not I consider it a place worthy of my business.Will I settle for a grocery store that has excellent bargains and sales, but sets the thermostat to where there’s practically no heat in the winter and barely enough air conditioning in the summer? Not a chance. In this case, I value the shopping environment over the deals I could get. Do you think I am going to sit through the entirety of a really good movie in a freezing-cold movie theater? Nope. I’ll wait until it comes out as a $1 rental to finish it and walk right out of the theater. And most of all, if you think that I’m going to be able to enjoy even the best of meals in a restaurant that is either too freezing cold or too swelteringly hot, you have another thing coming. By now, you probably suspect that I have a state-of-the-art HVAC system for my own home and spared no expense in making sure that my home was always the perfect temperature, no matter what the season was or the weather outside. You’re exactly right! Everyone has their priorities, and I for one have no time for being uncomfortable in my own residence.

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