That was an incredible gesture

Last spring, as the weather started to warm up, I noticed an unusual amount of bees flying around the outside of my house.  I didn’t pay them much attention. However, once I started my spring cleaning, I heard a buzzing sound in the exterior wall of the living room.  I was alarmed by the idea of bees building a nest, but had no idea what to do about it. I walked around the outside and inside of the house, but couldn’t figure out where the bees had gotten in.  Eventually, single bees began to show up inside the living room. Every couple of days, we’d have another bee flying around, scaring my kids. My husband and I devoted a lot of time to chasing down bees with a flyswatter.  The problem got way worse when the weather warmed up and I lowered the thermostat. When the air conditioner turned on, a whole swarm of angry bees flooded the living room. That’s when we realized that the bees had built their nest inside of the ductwork.  I called a licensed HVAC contractor who told me that I’d first need to get an exterminator. I had some trouble finding an exterminator who was certified to remove the bees. I hadn’t realized that bees are protected and handling them requires special training and licenses.  Once the bees were removed from the ductwork, I then needed to call back the HVAC technician to thoroughly clean the ductwork. The bees left behind quite a mess, which blocked airflow through the ducts and contaminated indoor air quality.

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