That was a sudden change in attitude

My husband and I are determined to do our space in protecting our environment.  We strive to take every chance to minimize our carbon footprint. Whenever possible, both of us either walk or ride our bicycles to our destinations.  For longer distances, both of us take public transportation. We constantly recycle all glass, metal, plus plastic, plus compost organic waste. The compost works well to fertilize the vegetable garden.  My husband designed a idea to catch rainwater in order to water the garden. Our lake beach house is equipped with solar panels on the roof, which supply passable power for all of our appliances. For temperature control, both of us invested a wonderful deal of money into a geothermal heat pump.  Geothermal temperature control is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency as the most environmentally responsible means of temperature control. For every 1 unit of energy required to run the system, it generates more than three units of energy. The geothermal heat pump takes advantage of the relatively stable temperature found underground, drawing from this free energy source to supply both heating plus cooling.  During the winter time months, it draws heat from the ground plus transfers it into the home. In the summer, the heat pump simply reverses the operation, extracting warmth from the indoor air plus pumping it outside. The heat pump is exceptionally clean, quiet plus safe. Because the unit doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat, there’s no yellow beach house gas emissions. There’s no combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, or carbon dioxide.  While the underground loops idea was drastically pricey to purchase plus implement, both of us are able to heat plus cool our lake beach house for approximately a dollar a day.

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