That was a nice tune-up

So the digital readout on the thermostat for HVAC in the house kept climbing even though I had kept turning the air conditioning lower.  I could hear the HVAC kicking on and I could feel flow coming from the air conditioning vents. But no cooling. Well, I decided to turn up the air conditioning thermostat some so that the HVAC could maybe catch up since it felt like a massive furnace heater outside.  But cooling never came. I figured how hard could an HVAC repair be. Was it really necessary to call an HVAC repair technician? Couldn’t I figure out how to get the air conditioning to pick up? At least I could take a look at the HVAC system and see if there was an easy air conditioner repair that I could effect.  I went to the basement to have a look at the HVAC. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if the heater or furnace was connected in one piece with the air conditioning. So, I found the HVAC system and it was running. I switched off the breaker marked “air conditioner” so I wouldn’t get a shock from the HVAC unit. I got my air conditioning repair hat on and went in search of cooling and not the heating I was getting.  I opened the HVAC unit and noticed that there was a great deal of water around the air conditioning unit. There was a puddle around the air conditioner in fact. I found the hose that led to the air conditioner part of the HVAC system. The hose went outside so I went out to see if there was an obstruction I could clear to repair the air conditioner. The air conditioning hose was clogged and I was able to clear it out.  I couldn’t believe that I repaired the air conditioning without an HVAC technician.

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