That was a good day

My wifey and I were on a really great vacation last year, in the pacific northwest. It was our first visit up to the rainy mountainous region, but we were excited to go hiking and fishing in the trees, then both of us are avid travelers, and we both absolutely care about a nice adventure. We planned our vacation for more than 2 years, trying to spend money as little as possible. Still, we decided to stay in a house rental. It was a little pricey, but promised to be a nice experience. My wifey booked the reservation a few weeks in advance with a local rental company, so we were sure to get a nice rental. Our rental was supposed to be a large, 3 family room cabin at the base of the mountains. The rental listing boasted mountain views, and a private walking path to the creek. When we arrived, we were entirely dismayed with our accommodations. Our 3 family room rental was only a single. Our cabin had a family room, lavatory and 1 immense main room which held the kitchen and home office in 1. We had no view of anything, the room was large nad drafty, and the windows were all nailed shut. It was less than 40 degrees at night, and the heating system didn’t work well, to boot. Halfway through our trip, without the heater, we were shivering and cold for the entire night. The next day, we ended up going into town to buy a small electric space heating system for the cabin.  The space heating system helped us with the cold a lot. Our vacation wasn’t terrible, but it could have been much better.

A/C unit