That should have been the plan

I love planning parties for my friends. I like to have dinner parties at least once a month. It is fun for me to get everyone together and I really love to cook. My mom was the same way growing up and she would always have her friends over to the house. It was fun because she would let me sit in the living room with them until it was time for me to go to bed. I really felt like a grown up and it was nice to see my mom so happy with her friends all around. I really want my kids to have this same experience so I make sure to have my friends over as often as possible. This Friday, I am going to have my friends over for some drinks and a light dinner. I am a type A person so I really pay attention to all the details. So I made sure to make an appointment with our local HVAC company to come over and service my heating and cooling system before my friends came over on Friday. The last thing I want is to have a house full of people and have the heating and cooling system stop working. I cannot imagine anything worse so I made the appointment for the beginning of the week so that in case there were any issues I could get them take care of before the party. The HVAC worker came to the house on Tuesday and thankfully there wasn’t anything wrong with our heating and cooling system. So now I am back to planning my party as usual.

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