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Some people have all types of different medical insurances. Unfortunately, the people in addition to myself are not lucky enough to have these types of medical insurances. When I needed to have a modern surgery, the people I was with an addition to myself could not afford to pay for the surgery. Even with insurance, it was going to cost us close to $40,000. A friend of mine suggested going to a foreign country to have the procedure performed. The people I was with an addition to myself had never considered going to a foreign country for surgery. A lot of people call this medical tourism, and there are many people who are happy to do this. The people I was with an addition to myself traveled down to a Southern Country in order to get the surgery. We had to go during the summer, when the prices were the cheapest. Unfortunately, there was an crazy amount of weather patterns that we couldn’t do anything about. It was really hot and humid everywhere, but not many places were equipped with an air conditioning components. The people I was with, and the hotel room had a very small window A/C unit. The window A/C unit sounded like a jet plane. We were both happy to have something to cool down the environment, but it sounded like the entire building was going to fall down to the ground every time the furnace in addition to cooling program were used. It still was much better than having to live without any type of A/C unit.

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