That really was awesome

My boy wanted to drive all around Tampa and Clearwater to take senior pictures. I did not certainly want to spend the day driving to three or more than three different locales, however my boy wanted a few shots all over town. The first locale the two of us opted to go was Riverwalk. The two of us found a lot of nice photo options in Ybor City as well. After the two of us finished taking some shots in downtown Tampa, the two of us opted to go to a few weird locales. I thought the two of us could take some amazing pictures at the Botanical Gardens in Tampa. It’s one of my favorite locales to go, and I thought my boy would look wonderful with some of nature behind his back. The Tampa Bay Botanical Gardens are a appealing locale to take your family for the day. The two of us found some certainly nice locales outside of Tampa as well, and the two of us managed to take a few appealing pictures at Lettuce Lake Regional Park. The two of us snapped a senior picture at Eureka Springs Park with a giant snake in the background. The two of us did not even realize there was a giant snake, until my boy was finished with all of the poses. Even though I did not want to spend the day driving all around Tampa, the two of us had an amazing day together. The two of us took a lot of wonderful pictures for his senior yearbook, and the two of us had a wonderful dinner in the city. The two of us laughed, talked, and certainly shared a appealing day of experiences. When my boy finally goes away to university, I’m certainly going to miss spending time with her. Still, I suppose he will do wonderful things with his life.

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