That is the icing on the cake

Just last weekend my wife and I went to this excellent concert. I remember when I first showed her the tickets to her favorite band, she went nuts! So when we went to the locale, I must say I was legitimately impressed with their excellent air quality, for a locale that was entirely packed full of people, it had to be incredibly challenging to keep the locale nice and cool! Their A/C system was big and flooded the whole arena with refreshing cool air! We were able to just sing along to our favorite songs and have a blast! I know if I had the singing talent, I would like singing a song for praising the excellent A/C inside of the locale! I would be singing away about how much I love that cool breeze and how comfortable it makes me. I think I’ll just stick to my day job as clearly I couldn’t make that song a hit! Or could I? All that matters is that we had an excellent time and of course we couldn’t have enjoyed it so much without that excellent climate control system at the concert locale! I just wish I could have gotten backstage passes, that would have been the icing on the cake! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get that, but I did get my wife to a locale where he was able to get an autograph! She was excited about that. She had a one of their newest albums and had that signed by every single member of the band!