That is one plan of action

I live in a large beach house that has been divided into three apartments. The owner is a lovely property owner, plus she has given me the go-ahead to purchase and install a window A/C. Now I just have to figure out which kind to get. Naturally, I started my research online, using the search phrase ‘how to select a window a/c.’ The first thing I realized was that window a/c’s come with an Energy Star rating, indicating that 10% less power is used than older models. Then there’s the energy efficiency ratio, or EER. Basically, the higher the ratio, the more energy efficient the a/c. The energy guide label on the a/c will indicate the ratio, plus you should look for an EER of twelve or higher. The other factor that I knew I would need to consider is the size of the space that wanted to be cooled. Since my home is a not too big, I can get away with a single window a/c to cool the majority of my place. What I didn’t recognize before my research was that a larger a/c doesn’t necessarily supply better cooling… Actually, an a/c that’s too large will cool the room more hastily, but only remove some of the humidity. A correctly sized a/c will remove humidity effectively while it cools the room. And of course larger a/c’s waste more energy. Another issue that I wouldn’t have thought of is the electrical and power requirements. Some large a/c’s will require a dedicated circuit. And a final thing to consider is to get either a component with a timer or a smart thermostat. With all of that information, I was ready to start shopping.