That is a great idea!

When I was a kid, I enjoyed hiding stuff around the house… I’d never hide anything important, like our father’s keys, but I’d hide my own toys as well as action figures in places to see if our parents would find them. I had superhero figures hidden in spice cabinets, building blocks hidden in plain sight beside a toaster – you get the point, my favorite hiding spot was the vents for our HVAC duct around the house, as the registers could be pulled out of the wall or floor for me to put things in the ducts. It’s funny thinking back to those times as an adult.  I wish I had a reason to check out the HVAC duct as often as I did back then! Like many others, having the HVAC ducts of our lake house correctly cleaned out by a heating, ventilation and A/C worker is really the last thing on my to-do list. Ironic, really, since many of our homes’ air circulation problems can be related back to the cleanliness of the ducts themselves! I know this isas I’ve seen it myself. Just a few weeks ago, I was performing my bi-weekly cleaning ritual to get the house up to par. I happened to notice that the vent register in the family room had some dust clinging to it, but when I pulled the vent register out of the wall, a plume of dust and dirt spilled out onto the floor! It was a big mess, all from a single HVAC duct. Seeing this got me thinking about how long it’s been since our HVAC duct was properly cleaned so I then decided to have a professional Heating and A/C worker come and sweep out the ducts. When the morning of that maintenance appointment came to pass, I watched that worker pull enough debris out of the HVAC duct to fill a pillowcase! I was ecstatic to see it go, though, and our home’s air quality has greatly improved as a result.

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