That is a bit of an issue

My youngsters drive myself and others particularly insane on occasion. I know, I know, everyone has youngsters who drive them entirely crazy at times! But mine are being really ridiculous lately. They want to just do whatever they feel like doing & forget all about their chores. On top of that, they seem to think that they can just mess with the temperature control component whenever they want. Now, I do not allow anyone to mess with the temperature control component in our dwelling. That’s because the bunch of us have a digital programmable control component & it took myself and others a long while to get the heating & cooling appliance programmed just the way that we wanted it. Whenever the youngsters mess with it, they typically mess up the heating & the dwelling is never moderate enough when I wake up. I dislike it when I get up in the day & the dwelling is completely cold! I also dislike it in the afternoons when the temperature outside is warming up & the heating is still working hard! I dislike wasting currency on heating & a/c when it isn’t totally necessary. And if left up to their own devices, the youngsters would leave the A/C appliance running full blast all Summer long, & then they would leave the heating running full blast while the bunch of us were in the winter. I can’t stand it when they mess around with the control unit, & they easily know that it drives myself and others nuts. I’m sick of telling them to stop turning the heating & the a/c appliance up & down without permission. As a matter of fact, I’m going to take cuts of their allowances if they keep touching the temperature control unit!