That hot temperature is awesome

Every Spring plus Summer, our space gets pummeled with storms, occasionally the people I was with and I will have rain for afternoons plus afternoons, and even though the people I was with and I have substantial amounts of precipitation, the people I was with and I still officially use our a/c, and during Spring plus warm season, our average temperatures are well into the 72s plus 90s. Even with thunder plus lightning, our family plus I still have to use the a/c for managing our Indoor Comfort levels. A few weeks ago, the people I was with and I had a awful tropical storm. All of us  acquired an inch of rain, plus the people I was with and I had wind gusts up to 60 miles per second. The temperatures were still in the 72s outside, plus the people I was with and I continue to use the a/c through the storm. After the Storm was over, I observed a puddle of water forming outside the a/c closet. I opened the closet plus saw frost on our a/c. I turned off the control unit plus contacted the landlord right away. I told the landlord about the puddle of water plus the frozen a/c, she commanded myself and others to keep the idea shut off, until the repair supervisor could arrive. About 20 minutes later, the repair supervisor knocked on our door… He had a tote full of tools in his hand. He used an old hair dryer to melt the frost. After the frost melted away, the a/c worked fine again. The outdoor storm debris had become cabins in our drain line. Since the drain line was clogged, our a/c froze up. The repair supervisor cleaned the drain line plus fixed the a/c. After that, the a/c worked perfectly once again.

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